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Equipment Replace Labor

Equipment Replace Labor

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In recent years, due to the increase of production costs, labor costs have been rising every year, industrial automation will play an important role in the future of enterprises. The disadvantages of artificial production are as follows:

1. Demographic dividend fades, and labor costs increase year by year.

2. There are many factors affecting personnel status, and the fluctuation of personnel thread is large. There are difficulties in management.

3. High work intensity, long time production operation is easy to make people tired, low efficiency.

4. Artificial operation is poor stability, production efficiency is unstable, and the rate of defective products is high.

5. Simple and repetitive, monotonous work makes people easily bored, tired and distracted, resulting in major safety risks for personnel and equipment.

6. High comprehensive energy consumption and production cost.

7. High noise and metal dust pollution are harmful to human health, and it is difficult to recruit workers.

Industrial robots make everything possible. Industrial automation has the following advantages over manual work: 

1. Fast investment return, payback period of 1-2 years.

2. Reduce operators, reduce labor costs, improve production environment and optimize management.

3. Controllable output expectation, stable delivery date, guaranteed product quality and improved enterprise reputation.

4. Industrial robots can operate 24 hours without interruption, can produce with high strength and high efficiency, not affected by human factors, and high utilization rate of equipment.

5. Industrial robots, eliminate manual operation safety risks, avoid unnecessary production accidents.

6. Strict standardized operation, high process stability, stable productivity.

7. Enhance the strength and image of the enterprise and become more competitive in the market.

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