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Automatic IV Infustion Soft Bag Spike Port and Injection Port Assembly Machine

Automatic IV Infustion Soft Bag Spike Port and Injection Port Assembly Machine

Features1. Usedforautomaticassemblyofalu-plasticinfusionport,PCspike portsandinjectionports.2. Allmaterialsoftheequipmentaremadeofstainlesssteel+aluminumalloy,inlinewithGMPstandards.3. Materialforaluminumplasticlid sealingistitaniumalloy,mirrorpolishingtreatmentofthesurfacetoensuresmoothandnice sealingquality.4. Therotationofsealingknifeisdrivenbygeartransmission,eachproductissealedseparately,achieving highqualifiedrate.5. Eachworkstationisequippedwithdetectionfunctiontomakesurecorrectnessandqualityofassembly.6. Themainpoweriscomposedofservomotor+indexingdrive,highassemblyprecisionandhighqualified rate.7. PLCcontrolsystem,touchscreenhuman-machineinterfaceoperation.  PropertiesApplicableproducts: Aluminum-plasticcaps&portsPCpolycarbonateportsfornonPVCsofttubeIVbagProductionspeed: 8000-15000pcs/hr(accordingtocustomer’srequirement)Rateofqualifiedproduct: Above99%Rateofoperationrate: Above95%Powersource: AC380V,50Hz,4kw/hrDimension: L3500×W3400×H1800(mm)Actualsize:  VariedwithdifferentproductionspeedWeight:  About3000kgOperator:  1set/person
product description


1. Used for automatic assembly of alu-plastic infusion port, PC spike ports and injection ports.

2. All materials of the equipment are made of stainless steel + aluminum alloy, in line with GMP standards.

3. Material for aluminum plastic lid sealing is titanium alloy, mirror polishing treatment of the surface to ensure smooth and nice sealing quality.

4. The rotation of sealing knife is driven by gear transmission, each product is sealed separately, achieving high qualified rate.

5. Each workstation is equipped with detection function to make sure correctness and quality of assembly.

6. The main power is composed of servo motor+indexing drive, high assembly precision and high qualified rate.

7. PLC control system, touch screen human-machine interface operation.




Applicable products: Aluminum-plastic caps&ports PC polycarbonate ports for non PVC soft tube IV bag

Production speed: 8000-15000pcs/hr (according to customer’s requirement)

Rate of qualified product: Above 99%

Rate of operation rate: Above 95%

Power source: AC380V, 50Hz, 4kw/hr

Dimension: L3500×W3400×H1800(mm)

Actual size:   Varied with different production speed

Weight:   About 3000kg

Operator:  1set/person