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Automatic Cap Screwing Machine

Automatic Cap Screwing Machine

Features:1. Customized machine for customer’s capacityrequirements.2. Mainpowerfrom servomotor+reducerunit,whichprovide intermittentmotion andfixtures areinastaticduringassembling,highaccuracyandqualifiedrate canbeachieved.3. Screwin place precisely,notwist angleand twistbroken occur.4. Doesnotdestroy appearanceofproduct,highqualifiedrate performed.5. Optionscrewforcedetectorfor torquerequirements.6. Detectionafter eachassemblyprocess,100%realqualifiedproducts.7. Allpartmadeofstainlesssteeloraluminumalloy,inaccordancewithGMPrequirements.8. PLCcontrolsystem,touchscreen HMI operation.9. Simplemaintenanceeasy operation.NohightechnicalrequirementforOperator.10. Easymaintenanceofspareparts,shorttimereplacement. PropertiesApplicableproducts:PartsrequirescewfastenProductionspeed:2500-10000pcs/hr(accordingtocustomer’srequirement)Rateofqualifiedproduct:Above98%(dependonsemi-productquality)Rateofoperationrate:Above95%Powersource:AC380V,50Hz,3kw/hrDimension:VariedwithdifferentproductandoutputWeight:About1500kgOperator:1set/person
product description


1. Customized machine for customers capacity requirements.

2. Main power from servo motor + reducer unit, which provide intermittent motion and fixtures are in a static during assembling, high accuracy and qualified rate can be achieved.

3. Screw in place precisely, no twist angle and twist broken occur.

4. Does not destroy appearance of product, high qualified rate performed.

5. Option screw force detector for torque requirements.

6. Detection after each assembly process, 100% real qualified products.

7. All part made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, in accordance with GMP requirements.

8. PLC control system, touch screen HMI operation.

9. Simple maintenance easy operation. No high technical requirement for Operator.

10. Easy maintenance of spare parts, short time replacement.



Applicable products: Parts require scew fasten

Production speed: 2500-10000pcs/hr (according to customer’s requirement)

Rate of qualified product: Above 98%(depend on semi-product quality)

Rate of operation rate: Above 95%

Power source: AC380V, 50Hz, 3kw/hr

Dimension: Varied with different product and output

Weight: About 1500kg

Operator: 1set/person