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Automatic Flip Top Cap Closing Machine

Automatic Flip Top Cap Closing Machine

Used for cap closing like soy sauce lid, vinegar caps, seasoning bottle lid, oil bottle closure, barrel closure, butterfly cap, etc
product description


1. Used for cap closing like soy sauce lid, vinegar caps, seasoning bottle lid, oil bottle closure, barrel head, butterfly cap, flip cap etc.

2. Customized rotary or linear machine designed by production requirements.

3. Linear equipment of 1-3 stations, more stations greater capacity.

4. All parts in contact with product are mirror polished to avoid scratching during production.

5. Stand alone or in line with injection molding machine make whole automatic production.

6. Good and defect products exit separately, automatically discharge caps not assembled correctly.



Applicable productssoy sauce cap, vinegar cap, seasoning bottle cap, oil bottle closure, barrel head, butterfly cap, flip cap

Production speed4500-15000pcs/hr (according to customer’s requirement)

Rate of qualified productAbove 98%(depend on semi-product quality)

Rate of operation rateAbove 95%

Power sourceAC380V, 50Hz,4kw/hr

DimensionActual size varied with different production speed

WeightAbout 1000kg