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Automatic Bottle Bagging Machine

Automatic Bottle Bagging Machine

Features1. Forbottlesautomaticallybaggingoneinone,ormultipleinone.2. Bagloadingcanbemanuallyorautomatically.3. Automaticcountingtopreventoverloadingor underloadingduring bagging.4. Canstoreasmallamountofmaterial,convenientforoperator’stroubleshootinginashortperiodoftime.5. Canbeconnectedtobottleblowingmachine in-line,orstandalone (accordingtorequirementsofcustomers).6. Conveyorbeltandbaggingequipmentcanbecontrolledseparately,blowingequipmentcankeepproduction duringmaintenanceofmachine.7. PLCcontrolsystem,touchscreenHMIoperation.  PropertiesApplicableproducts:AllkindsofbottlesProductionspeed:accordingtoblowingmachineoutputandspeedRateofqualifiedproduct:Above99%Rateofoperationrate:Above95%Powersource:AC380V,50Hz,4kw/hr,compressedair:7kg/m3Dimension:ActualsizevariedwithdifferentproductionspeedWeight:About1000kgOperator:3set/person
product description


1. For bottles automatically bagging one in one, or multiple in one.

2. Bag loading can be manually or automatically.

3. Automatic counting to prevent overloading or underloading during bagging.

4. Can store a small amount of material, convenient for operators troubleshooting in a short period of time.

5. Can be connected to bottle blowing machine in-line, or stand alone (according to requirements of customers).

6. Conveyor belt and bagging equipment can be controlled separately, blowing equipment can keep production during maintenance of machine.

7. PLC control system, touch screen HMI operation.




Applicable productsAll kinds of bottles

Production speedaccording to blowing machine output and speed

Rate of qualified productAbove 99%

Rate of operation rateAbove 95%

Power sourceAC380V, 50Hz, 4kw/hr, compressed air:7kg/m3

DimensionActual size varied with different production speed

WeightAbout 1000kg