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Automatic Infusion Cap Euro Cap Rubber Assembly Machine

Automatic Infusion Cap Euro Cap Rubber Assembly Machine

automatic assembly of caps for plastic IV infusion soft bags and bottles
product description


1. This machine is applied for automatic assembly of caps for plastic IV infusion soft bags and bottles

2. All materials of the machine are made of stainless steel + aluminum alloy, in compliance with ISO and GMP standards

3. Each workstation has independent driving source , convenient for daily maintenance.

4. The surface in contact with the product is polished to protect the product.

5. The inner caps are pressed by servo-linked rod mechanism with even and stable pressure of each position in each station, pressing quality of each product could be guaranteed.

6. Each assemble process is followed with inspection function to make sure there will be no defective products in qualified products.

7. PLC control system, human-machine interface operation. No high professional technical requirement for operator.

8. The main power is composed of servo motor + indexing drive, with high assembly precision and qualified rate.

9. Pneumatic power for shorter time of maintenance and replacement, no high professional and technical requirement for maintenence personals.

10. Highly customized according to customer's product specifications, actual capacity and production demand.




Applicable productsLoop pull cap, double pull cap, single fold closure, double fold cap, break caps

Production speed3600-1400pcs/hr (according to customers requirement)

Rate of qualified productAbove 99%

Rate of operation rateAbove 95%

Power sourceAC380V50Hz4kw/hr

DimensionActual size varied with different production speed

WeightAbout 2300kg

Operator3sets/2personsrecommend 1set/person