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High Speed Camera Inspection Machine

High Speed Camera Inspection Machine

Products requiring appearance and physical inspection, replacing traditional artificial eyesight inspection
product description

1. Used for products requiring appearance and physical inspection, replacing traditional artificial eyesight inspection.

2. False detection rate do not exceed 0.3%.

3. Inspection scope: insufficient injection molding (lack of material), injection deformation, injection molding bubbles, foreign bodies on surface exceed 0.3mm, missing parts, incorrect assembly, inaccurate location of parts, assembly deformation.

4. Automatic feeding, high-speed 360 degrees inspections without blind spot, automatic elimination of dirty products.

5. Conveyor belt exit can be equipped with electrostatic removal device.

6. Parts and control mode meet GMP requirements for pharmaceutical packaging material production.


7. Control: PLC automatic system. Operation: touch screen human-machine interface.



Applicable productsAll products requiring appearance inspection

Production speed15000-20000pcs/hr (according to customer’s requirement)

Rate of qualified productAbove 98%(depends on semi-product quality)

Rate of operation rateAbove 95%

Power sourceAC380V, 50Hz, 2kw, compressed air:7kg/m3

DimensionActual size varied with different production speed